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Working with you

At Stonna, we construct and design residential and commercial projects.


We truly value the relationships we have built and maintain with our partners at Stonna Structural Steel. As a steel supplier and installer, we go beyond supplying steel structures and ensure our products add value to the end user.

Stonna’s commitment to providing clients with a quality service is based on the quality of our supply chain. Establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors is important to us. The supply chain makes a huge contribution to our company, and we work very hard to ensure that all our supply chain partners are treated fairly and paid within the agreed terms.

We want to build an honest and unbreakable relationship with you. We create superior competitive advantage by partnering with strong companies, which translates to better prices, better management, and right services, the first time, every time.


project management

Project Management

Structural Steelwork projects are part of any construction program and involve a complex delivery process.

After you place an order, we will assist you through the entire process, have a good communication channel, and complete the project on site.

We will establish a proper program with a schedule for milestones, deliveries, and installation dates to support the project management process.

Site Management & Installation

It is the responsibility of one of our experienced steelworks erecting managers to manage and supervise the process on site with the installation team so that a smooth installation is achieved.

Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we will not compromise on it at any cost.

site management installation

We are Dynamic & Flexible

We appreciate the flexibility and dynamic nature of projects. We tailor our service to meet your needs through agile project management, no matter the scale or timeframe. Change is inevitable, so we react quickly and provide you with the most suitable solution to your problem.

Director-led project management means your project is handled professionally by industry experts. Each member of our contracts team takes a hands-on approach to project management, ensuring all aspects of our service are tailored to your needs.

Contract team members are highly qualified and accredited, and use their industry knowledge for your project’s benefit. Our project team is CITB and IOSH accredited and highly proficient in site management safety.

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