What Do We Do

What do we do?

Our steel construction projects are very successful because we have the right, highly trained professionals in place who know how to consistently deliver elegant steel projects. 

A design rationalisation exercise is the first step in every steel work project we undertake. In addition to our extensive steel experience and first-hand knowledge, we interrogate the design to make it more efficient, improve buildability, and rationalise to improve the value, cost, and delivery of the overall scheme. 

Our steel construction projects are very successful because we have the right, highly trained professionals in place who know how to consistently deliver elegant steel projects.

In order to achieve the best results, we understand the value of projects, site management, and how to coordinate all professional trades and steel fabricators. We are committed to delivering your project safely, within the agreed schedule, and achieving the best outcomes.

Our Structural Steel Works

structural design

Structural Design

We are different. We can provide structural design services as one of our unique services to our customers. We can assist you with your architectural design and provide you with cost-effective structural design solutions within our company.

architectural design

Architectural Design

We are here to assist you with architectural services for residential and commercial projects whether you need assistance with design or a planning application. 

site management

Site Management

From the beginning to the end, we provide complete site management services to ensure the success of our projects. An experienced and qualified site manager will oversee each project to ensure it runs smoothly and safely. In addition, if necessary, we can manage your projects.

turnkey projects

Turnkey Projects

Depending on the scope of your project, you may need a turnkey solution that includes design, construction, fit-out, and handover. In addition to saving you a great deal of time, we can provide cost-effective solutions for your project under one roof.

shell and core projects

Shell and Core Projects

We are more than happy to provide whatever you require, as our services are extremely flexible. We can provide the shell and core of the project, and you can complete the rest of the fit-out and finishes. 



If you have an existing building or structure that needs to be extended, we can design, supply, manage, install, and extend it as necessary.

fit out

Fit – Out

The shell and core of the project may be complete, but the fit-out is necessary. We will handle all the internal services, partitions and finishes and hand them over to you. We are very flexible with our services.

commercial and industrial buildings

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Commercial and industrial buildings are also part of our experience. A workshop, a temporary structure, a light industrial unit, and a warehouse are examples of these types of facilities.

residential buildings

Residential Buildings

We offer a wide range of residential projects as well as industrial and commercial buildings and projects, such as steel structures or a complete design and build service.



You have an expanding business and require a mezzanine floor to increase your storage or office space. The entire structure can be designed and installed by us.

logistics building

Logistics Building

Similarly to other projects and structures, we are capable of designing and constructing your logistics projects under one roof. With our commitment to efficiency, safety, and the most effective solutions, we will deliver your project on time, on budget, and on time.

stonna placeholder

Educational Buildings

The steel structure, metal decking, concrete, and many other components involved can be designed, and installed under one roof safely and with confidence. Regardless of the size of your educational steel structure, our team is capable of delivering it with confidence.

Design and Build

We offer a full turnkey design, supply and build service or structural steel only if you need a one-stop solution. The use of our in-house steel expertise allows us to design a steel structure that is economically efficient, streamlined, and achieves your desired end results most efficiently and economically.

Our company does not just focus on design, we also consider how the steel will be fabricated and how it will be installed on site, so our clients can rest assured that the final scheme will be delivered in the most efficient and streamlined manner. 

Consistency and reliability are the hallmarks of our professional team. Reduce the number of parties involved in the process, tightly manage the project, and minimise the level of risk to our customers.  

We are committed to delivering projects on time and provide a high-quality service to our customers. Throughout all aspects of our work, we pay close attention to health and safety requirements, the environment, and sustainability.

site management

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